VTB Revision og Rådgivning

We give our clients more than they expect!

We have many years experience in administration, tax laws, regulations and are often an interpreter in the fields mentioned, as well as interpreter at the police and criminal police, etc.

The cases the firm most often receives are:

  • Financial statements, advance statements and correction for prior years
  • Help with letters to the tax authorities and help to formulate responses to inquiries under SKAT and answers to previous financial statements
  • Advice on the best possible tax solutions
  • Develop applications to drive a car in Denmark with foreign plates, as well as advice on the matter

Besides the above areas, the company also handles the following tasks:

  • Registration of forrein cars to Danish plates
  • Insurance for car, home etc.
  • Registration for the lowest unemployment insurance and union county counseling in the area
  • Help with preparing CV and any other necessary documentation believes the sudden availability, and help to register you as free in your fagforenig
  • Consulting in conflict with the employer as a lack of salaries, pensions and holiday pay, and to find a solution by involving employers and possible a lawyer in conversation
  • Preparing applications for LG if the company you are employed by goes bankrupt
  • Peassignment of holiday pay and pension to your pole account and notification of departure to abroad
  • Relief for family allowance if you work in Denmark retroactively
  • Tasks not only as interpreters but also as an advisor in the areas of crime and rules if you are exposed to or inclined in criminal acts

In addition, we also help companies with more than one hundred employees to arrange the annual statement, etc. for their employees.

We handle both large and small cases!

VTB auditing and consulting is a company that leads your case professionally and efficiently. There are no cases where the matter is neither too big or small for us! We have much experience in administrative and legal duties in relation to tax authorities, which are often changing. However, we are always updated on new rules! Other accounting firms, often foreign, do not do their job properly, and this is sometimes a tragic outcome, so that our clients will need to have corrected their papers again.

On the market there are still people with little experience who take large sums to correct tax returns, and others with no experience who fix their own tax returns, which is often directed back by the tax, as there are errors in.

Why not leave your annual statement and other tax matters in kyndighe hands if you do not know how d should fix it yourself? Let us help you fill and fix properly, so the process does not drag on. With our years of experience and hundreds of happy clients, we can help you!

Call us for an informal chat about what we can do for you. We already have many satisfied clients from various countries, both in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Russia ... and Poles, who are already in other countries, but once worked in Denmark.

We have the following languages: Danish, Polish, Russian and English